Merrowvista – A Look Back

Merrowvista – A Look Back

As a new assistant mentor and gratified member of the growing passionate family of the Utopia Boston organization, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to go on my very first camping trip with everyone.

Though I was undoubtedly excited about the trip, I was also a little nervous about how everything was setup and whether or not I was going to have any fun at the Merrowvista camp. However, my uneasiness was put to rest almost as soon as we entered the campgrounds.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with smiles, handshakes, and highfives. All the staff members were very enthusiastic. We were quickly settled in as if it was our own home. A group of four people shared a room with two bunk beds and a drawer for their personal items. Everyday we were served breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some kind of snack. After each meal, the staff would put a fun spin on cleaning up, making even the kids eager to do the dishes! Not to mention all the different activities we did each day. There was not a single dull moment.

Outdoor activities included: sledding, skiing, archery, igloo building, soccer, and capture the flag in the snow. The fun continued even when we were indoors. For example, we would build forts with bed sheets, play cards, board games, tag, and even try to make gingerbread houses. We had a blast trying to complete team building activities, which included trying to get through obstacle courses, and building objects out of legos without actually seeing them, but by getting information about their structure from the other group. Of course, there were also challenging activities such as, rock climbing or walking on a log that was closer to the ceiling than the ground.

When it was time for our departure from the camp, the crew was yet again extremely helpful. They never seemed to miss a step when it came to helping us pack our luggage into the bus or saying their goodbye’s.

All in all, the whole trip was a once in a lifetime experience. It was more enjoyable than words can express. It was something I will always remember and carry on as I get older, something that I would definitely repeat without a second thought. The numerous joyful moments I had enjoyed will always bring a smile to my face.


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