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The Anthropology of Friendship

I have always been warned of malicious friendships. Growing up, I was constantly told to “choose friends wisely,” and to avoid those who are “misguided” in order to steer clear of negative influence. But how was I to know who to choose? How was I supposed to know that I

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Camp Tamaracouta

Camping in the middle of the forest in a cabin about the size of a mobile home does not particularly sound appealing, especially not when the weather is nearly freezing. But of course, Utopia had a different perspective. Alhamdulillah, our trip to Camp Tamaracouta was filled with laughter, pure joy,

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Nostalgic for Nuday

You’re walking down the street carrying groceries for the house. You see kids playing soccer, fathers at the coffeehouse and mothers telling their kids to eat some lunch. Just another normal day in the city. You have now reached your house and can see your mom looking out the window

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Every Good Deed Counts

I’m not much of a walker or a sporty person, so when Majhoudi came to me a week before and told me that we had a Utopia team for the Walk for Hunger, and that he wanted me to join, I was like No Way! Ten miles? 8:30 am? There’s

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On Being Good

I’ve always looked at my position as a mentor at Utopia as one that allowed me to teach children. Never did I look at it as an opportunity to learn from them, until a child taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned. One day, one of

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What Utopia Means To Me

The first thing that pops into my head on a Monday morning is usually, “what is next Saturday’s session going to be like?” Even while I’m sitting in class, all the beautiful memories I’ve experienced as an assistant mentor constantly play in my head. I’ve found that I always learn

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The Power of Duaa

Duaa. I never realized how strong it could be. For a while I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. No matter what Muslim organizations or institutions I joined, I never felt as though I was part of a Muslim group, never felt like I was surrounded by people I wanted

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Merrowvista – A Look Back

As a new assistant mentor and gratified member of the growing passionate family of the Utopia Boston organization, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to go on my very first camping trip with everyone. Though I was undoubtedly excited about the trip, I was also a little nervous

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