Camp Tamaracouta

Camping in the middle of the forest in a cabin about the size of a mobile home does not particularly sound appealing, especially not when the weather is nearly freezing. But of course, Utopia had a different perspective. Alhamdulillah, our trip to Camp Tamaracouta was filled with laughter, pure joy, and eye-opening adventures.

On our way to Quebec, Canada, I remember looking around me and seeing wide grins stretching from ear to ear on everyone’s faces. We were all both extremely enthusiastic, and extremely impatient to arrive at the camp. It seemed, all I kept hearing throughout the bus ride was: “Are we there yet!?”

What struck me the most was just how extravagant everything was. On the second day of the trip we went to Marché Jean Talon, a large farmer’s market containing everything from fresh vegetables to decadent desserts, including macarons and chocolate tiramisu. That same day, we visited an underground mall where we ice skated indoors. Expecting cold weather, we all layered our clothing from head to toe, but instead found ourselves engulfed in a friendly warmth.

Of the most memorable activities we participated in was Zip lining. Though the hike to the site of where the mega ziplines began was long and harsh, I will never forget how incredible the entire experience was. The ziplines were massive, with 350 ft high and 3000 ft long ropes. The view was also beyond breathtaking, providing us a whole new outlook on the vast forests we had climbed earlier.     

There were also days which we spent within campgrounds playing team building activities and reflecting on all the blessings we have. We even hiked up a mountain which lead us to beautiful frozen waterfalls, a magical sight I will never forget. We also engaged in snowball fights and sent hurdles of laughter and snow at one another. We were happy, and nothing else in the world seemed to matter.

This particular trip reminded me of the great advantages the Utopia family and I, will forever be thankful for. We are privileged enough to have homes to protect us from the harsh weather and the dangers of the outside world. We have enough food and water to keep us alive and well. But most importantly, we have loving families who allow us the opportunity to embark on such wonderful journeys.    


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